The ICRT partners are as follows.

David Bolton

David BoltonDavid Bolton was a statutory Health and Social Care manager for 20 years prior to putting in place post trauma support following major incidents linked to the Northern Ireland Troubles including the Omagh bombing with the establishment of the Omagh Trauma Team and later, the Northern Ireland Centre for Trauma and Transformation (NICTT). The Centre’s specialist community-based trauma team delivered an innovative psychological therapy service for people suffering conflict-related PTSD and other conditions, carried out important clinical and population research into the impacts of trauma, developed and delivered vocational and academic training  and advocated for policy change and improved services.  David has supported workers and organisations in other countries affected by conflict and war to help address the human consequences of war and civil conflict.


Barney Devine

Barney Devine

Barney Devine has worked for over 30 years in community relations and conflict resolution in Northern Ireland through a range of sectoral areas including community development, further and higher education, social and economic regeneration and mental health.  He was the  Director of a Peace & Reconciliation Centre in Derry-Londonderry for five years and the Project Manager of a multi-agency programme that developed two significant signature buildings and projects on the site of the 1987 Enniskillen bombing in County Fermanagh before helping to establish NICTT in Omagh in 2002 where he was the Business, Training & Development Manager.